Like good wine, a fine crafted leather item improves  with age.

Tamar Jordan designs and makes handmade leather bags and accessories. Each item is one-of-a-kind,   handcrafted from start to finish.

Tamar Jordan
Handmade Leather Goods

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Tamar Jordan is a one-woman-operation. I make and design leather goods by myself from start to finish. The bags and accessories are intricately stitched and laced by hand. Each item is one-of-a-kind, uniquely handcrafted. It is important to me that the items be both beautiful and practical. I enjoy incorporating stones, a large variety of beads and other interesting materials in my work. I want each item to be unique and special and I want it to be part of your look. Most of all, I want you to enjoy using it.

My bags and accessories are characterized by their unique design, the attention paid to every detail and the beauty and precision of the handstiching. My logo is a heptagraIm (a seven-pointed star) drawn wth seven continuous strokes. It is symbolic of perfection and completion, as it used to represent the seven days of creation, the seven traditional astrological planets, the seven elements of the universe, the seven planes and subplanes and the seven chakras. The heptagram has been used as a symbol in the Kabbalah and is also known to symbolize balance and continuity.

My studio is located in the inspiring Old City of Akko, where each item is handcrafted. In the studio you will find a collection of the different handcrafted items I make: unique leather bags, purses and notebooks, hand-made jewelry made of  various combinations of leather, beads and other materials, mezuzot and other decorative items. Items can be custom-made to suit your specific needs and personal taste.

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Photography: Fani Elimelech