Like good wine, a fine crafted leather item improves  with age.

Tamar Jordan designs and makes handmade leather bags and accessories. Each item is one-of-a-kind,   handcrafted from start to finish.

Tamar Jordan
Handmade Leather Goods


Handcrafted belts, journals, bag-jewelry and a variety of hair ornaments – sticks, forks and barrettes. All incorporating individual design and various materials from genuine leather, through natural stones, to many different beads.

Photography: Fani Elimelech


The Collection

Tamar Jordan personally designs and handcrafts her exclusive range of original leather goods. Every bag, belt, accessory and piece of jewlery is a unique handcrafted item. 

I put a great deal of effort, thought and attention into each of the items I design and make so that they will bring you joy. I use leather with a natural look and feel that improves with age.

Bags & More Bags

Each of the items is individually handcrafted and made of genuine leather. I design, cut, punch holes and stitch or lace each item by hand. My bags and accessories are characterized by their unique design, the attention paid to every detail and the precision of the intricate hand-stitiching. Some of the items are decorated with natiral stones, various beads and other interesting materials I've collected traveling. 

Purses & Pouches


Change purses, cell-phone pouches, attachable to a large variety of bags with key-rings, brass findings or leather lacing. All individually designed and handcrafted.